Tuesday, December 7, 2010

About Astrology Guide For Kids

TEHRBPZZQYMQ I have another astrology site called Astrology guide For Kids  where I have lots of good information about astrology. I have been busy nursing that web site along so i guess I have been neglecting this site here a bit.

But if you have an open mind and are young at heart then I think you will find lots of interesting articles on there.

So why don't you pay a visit to there all you have to do is click on the link

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Do You Have A Compatible Love Life

I don’t know about you but for me it has been very important to have a compatible loving relationship with my partner and I think it is probably the same for you. It makes life much richer and happier if you have someone loving to share your life with.

The Star-Sign Libra is ruled by Venus and in astrology you use the horoscope to find the positions the signs and planets are in. The 7th house rules relationship and other people and this house is also ruled by Libra and Venus. So in order to understand how Libra and Venus is influencing your chart you have to find out which house they are placed in your own personal horoscope and what kind of aspects they are making to the other planets. This will tell you what energies you are working with to attract a compatible partner.

It will give you an indication to how you can best go about handling your loving relationship and make it a compatible one. By looking at the position of Venus in your birth chart you can tell a lot about what kind of lovers you will attract and if you are the flirtatious kind of person? Do you have happy love affairs or not? Venus rules over love affairs in astrology and will indicate how you relate to the opposite sex and if you make friends easily or not.

Venus position in your chart is only an indication of how compatible your relationship can be, there are other strong points in the horoscope to take into consideration as well and you can never use this position alone to judge your love life or attract a compatible partner. This is only a guide.

However if you learn about Venus influence in your birth chart you have a very good chance of finding out if you have any issues in this area of your horoscope. If you think you do you can then do some soul searching and work on these areas. If you are anything like I use to be, I would blame other people but after I started to work on myself in these area I learned to let go of what ever was bothering me then the other people stopped pushing my buttons.

I discovered that I had to be compatible with myself before I could expect to become or find a compatible partner to share my life with. Loving yourself is not always easy but it is very important for you to do for your life to work well.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Number 12 Pisces The Last Of the Moon Signs

We have now come to the last Moon sign number 12 “The Moon In Pisces”. It rules the 12th house and everything done behind the scene. As I told you about in the beginning of the Moon signs, the Moon governs the emotions, feelings, compassion and affection. It is associated with motherhood and symbolizes what the traditional mother is to her child. She is the nurture and also the provider of day to day necessities and the protector against any harm which may come to the child.

It also influences your everyday habits, the thing you naturally do every day according to which sign and house your moon is in your horoscope. The position of the Moon in your horoscope plays a very important role in your life, so you will do well to learn more about how it influences you personally.

The Moon in Pisces

In Pisces the Moon indicates a personality that is gentle, endearing, intuitive, generous and sympathetic. There is great understanding and desire to be of service to others. You are extremely emotional, sensitive, and impressionable and have a romantic nature. You are the one who remembers to buy the flowers for the anniversary and other celebrations. You are affected by the moods of others and have an ability to sense what frame of mind they are in and can often see into people and tune in on their thoughts.

Pisces Moon people can be found working behind the scenes, including behind a camera, or institution and hospitals. When hurt you will leap into seclusion and wonder when others will recognize the good intension of your motives. You tend to be easygoing and willing to change the course of your action and if obstacles appear you are too willing to back down.

You would like to be surrounded by happy and cheerful people and you are never happier than when you can express yourself through your unique creative talents. Many people with Pisces Moons are some of the world's greatest musicians, writers, artists, songwriters and poets. If creativity is not your thing, then your interest may be in spiritual or charitable causes.

You probably inspire great love and respect and have many true friends and are yourself a wonderful friend and companion who are always willing to help and comfort. and Pisces Moon People, your relationships with members of the opposite sex are marked by romantic feelings and emotional intensity.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Moon In Aquarius

With the Moon in Aquarius, the native is generous, broadminded, attractive to members of the opposite sex and well-liked in general. You public image is that of a humanitarian and have a deep concern for other people’s problems. This native wants to improve world conditions and is interested in the social progress of the world. You are a great communicator and people enjoy your company and you love their applause and praise but secretly doubt that you really are as capable as others might imagine you to be.

You are attracted to far out subject, including astrology, magnetism, dream interpretation, psychology, sociology, hypnotism, television and space flight. You are very sensitive and considered unconventional and your desire for independence is powerful. Sometimes you can be very unpredictable and do the unexpected which surprises your friends and family but they have learned to accept you as the unique person you are.

You have your own set of rules which have a certain indifference to society’s rules. You need to feel you are helping others and in trying to do so often convince people that they are not really as happy as they thought they were. You need to pay more attention to the practical side of things to bring your wealth of ideas into a successful outcome. You need to remember that your first duty is to yourself and to make yourself happy. You must help yourself before you can earn the respect of others.

You are honest, posse’s integrity and are a very reliable partners with a great sense of humor. They are very fond of their family and will proudly tell people how special they are.

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Moon in Capricorn

In Capricorn the Moon indicates one who is earthy and practical. You have a need to be publicly recognized for your achievements. You take responsibilities very serious and feel you have to fulfill a special mission as a role in leadership. You have a strong desire to be successful and achieve recognition from the public. You have dignity and persistence and a realistic outlook on life.

You always have a purpose to strive for and with your patience and endurance you have every chance to reach your goal. You have an inbuilt sense of duty which makes you a dependable partner. Outwardly you are charming but inwardly you suffer strong feelings of fear, frustration and inadequacy. You need to learn to express your feelings and not keep them to yourself. You are sometimes accused of being cold or materialistic and members of the opposite sex are always trying to change you, but the more attempts is made, the more you resists, despite outward appearances or promise.

This position gives the native management skills and the intelligence and skills to complete the job. They are practical people and have a sense of responsibility to others. One of your virtues is your abilities to organize and handle things in a very efficient and practical manner. You are enduring and courageous and do not shy away from hard work.

The native with a Capricorn Moon improves with time and as they get older and wiser they tend to find life becomes a lot easier to handle less stressful and competitive!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Day Scope 2010

This lady wants action on her Valentines Day so to vine and dine her you will have to take her to a place where there is plenty of activity. If you want sparks of love to fly between you and her you will have to come up with something really exciting. She would love some outdoor adventure or a fast moving dancing hall should do the tricks.

You are usually not short of money so if your mate is broke you might have to pay for the Valentines Day outing but don’t let that stop you. You will enjoy being in charge of the night and can find a great hide away resort for the weekend where you will enjoy a romantic dinner, good food, candle light soft music and all the trimmings.

Your ability to write and communicate is how you can catch your sweetheart’s attention on Valentines Day. Take advantages of your ruling planet Mercury the messenger and send your mate an irresistible Valentines Day card and that should get the ball rolling toward a wonderful romantic night that will stay in your memories for a long time to come.

If you chose to stay at home for Valentines Day then you should create a romantic dinner just for you and your partner or mate. You will be able to decorate the table with flowers, candle light and your best dinner set to get him in a tender loving mood. The way to your mans heart is through his stomach. Put on some pleasant music after dinner or even watch a romantic video just the two of you.

There are a group of planets sending mixed messages from your opposite sign Aquarius but that should not worry you. Mars is traveling through your sign at the moment giving you lots of energy to with stand the opposition and your Valentines Day should produce lots of action for a fun night out. Romance is right down your ally so bring that magic spell alive between you and your partner.

There are all the possibilities for a wonderful Valentines Day for you as the planets from Pisces are casting a light from the cosmos onto your sign; and if you can stop analyzing and put your choirs aside for today you will be able to enjoy a very romantic night with your love one and stay in this mood all night.

Saturn is in transit through Libra getting your life organized but that will not stop you from having a romantic Valentines Day. Your delightfully and charming nature manage to put duties behind you and lure your partner out on a limp for a wonderful romantic evening and you could be dancing the night away.

Several planets are sending favorable aspects to your sign so Valentines Day should be outstanding for you. However there could be some unexpected event during the day which will lead you to re-think your plans and remember that you want nothing but the best. So for Valentines Day you want to share an unforgettable night with your partner, have candle light and all the trimmings to go with it.

You have been much to busy lately with work and your ruling planet Jupiter is begging you to take some time off and allow your partner or mate to entertain you in a most romantic Valentines Day fashion. This may even lead to unexpected events that will fill your life with adventure and lots of passionate love and happiness in the future.

Pluto is currently in transit through your sign and there are no doubt a lot of changes going on in your life but realize that only the good things in your life will stay. Valentines Day can become a day when you are able to search deep inside yourself and find the magic you need to create a most enjoyable, enchanting and romantic evening with your partner or mate.

With three planets in your sign plus the Sun and the Moon it could turn out to be a full on Valentines Day for you. You should make the most of it because you have all the cards in your hand today and you will most probably get it all your way. So go for what you want and have a romantic Valentines Day if that is what you want and you will no doubt get it today.

Romance is defiantly in the air for most Pisces as Venus transit through your sign and bring out the your most charming side of your personality. With a bit of imagination you can appeal to your partner who will melt under your spell and be ready to spend the money on you as Jupiter is sitting close to Venus in Pisces. You could finish up in a grand place to vine and dine and you will feel like a star.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Lunar Secrets Of The Moon

I want to give you a little more food for thoughts about the Moon because a person’s horoscope is heavily influenced by the Moon. The placement of the Moon and the link between the Sun and the Moon is one of the major influences. It describe a person’s emotional feelings, your ability to nurture and it affects your mood and your reaction to the moods of others.

To understand how the “Moon” influence you in your horoscope you need to find out where the Moon was at the day of your birth when you know that you will be able to understand more about your own individual emotions. You can read much more about the secrets of the Moons lunar cycles here at


The Moon In Sagittarius Star Sign

In Sagittarius, the Moon has a love of freedom both in spirit and physically there is much activity, physical as well as mentally. With the Moon here the native have a need to understand the global picture in most situations. You find comfort through adventure; exploring the world through higher learning, travel religion, philosophy and foreign cultures.

This native is a natural student and is attracted to reading, writing, publishing, advertising, publicity and understanding a mixture of people from all over the world. You are generous, charming, and fond of the outdoors and animals, and want to discover things.

You want to be engage in meaningful activities, spread knowledge and give of yourself. You are frank and outspoken and make a good teacher because you express yourself clearly and because of your desire to inspire the minds of others. This native will tell humors stories and recall funny situations. They must learn to listen to their inner feelings when they speak and teach.

The position of this Moon” is inclined to be restless but loves to travel, including overseas-and the native often becomes an expert on another country, even if the native actually visits the nation in question. This native is very independent and can at times feel limited. You would like to soar to the heights however there is a danger that you will be aimless, soaring merely to get moving, to create changes to feel free, to throw off responsibilities.

Being a humanitarian you attract many friends who warm to your generous nature. You are a strong believer in justice and fair play and are willing to help anyone who needs your help. Your best opportunities are in writing, teaching, performing, sales, education and communication and this position of the Moon tends to bring the individual out before the public in some manner.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Two Full Moons In Janyary

In this month we are having two Full Moons the second one is on the 30th January. This is interesting and will have a strong emotional affect on some people’s mood because the Moon has a major influence on people’s feelings. The placement of the Moon and the link between the Sun and the Moon is one of the main influences in your horoscope. It describe your emotional feelings, your ability to nurture and it affects your mood and your reaction to the moods of others.